PillowCaseDressesSaturday, May 16, 2015

10:30am – 1:00pm

We’ll be sewing these cute pillow case dresses for the children in Nicaragua.

What to Bring:

  • sewing machine
  • pair of scissors
  • a few pins
  • white thread or thread to match your fabric.
  • 2 yds (per dress) of 1 inch grosgrain ribbon matching your fabric.
  • Bias tape extra wide double fold (1 package make 6 dresses) (any scraps at least 8 inches long can be used!)
  • measuring tape
  • extension cords for the sewing machines would be good too

It would be great to have one person with an ironing board and iron to press seams as we sew.

As per fabric,
Pillowcases in good condition will make a small dress.
Bed sheets in good condition will make several dresses.
(In case someone comes across something like this in yard sales, etc..)
FABRIC MUST BE WASHED BEFORE SEWN!! (helps prevent shrinking)

If purchasing fabric (cotton please) these are the measurements for the different sizes:
Size 3: 23×42 inches
Size 4: 25×42
Size 5: 27×42
Size 6: 29×42
Size 7: 31×42
Size 8: 33×42
Size 9: 35×42
Size 10:37×42
Size 11: 39×42
Size 12: 41×42

If you are not able to attend the sewing day, but want to contribute, supplies can be left at CBC in the Shopping Cart in the Welcome Center this week.

Video for making dresses from fabric:

Written supplies and measurements for making dresses from fabric: