REAP: Read. Examine. Apply. Pray.

CBC Reads the Word1. READ
Open your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach, correct, and train you as you engage with God through His Word. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
As you are reading, select the portion of Scripture that stands out to you the most and restate the main point in your own words.

Spend a few minutes reflecting on what you have read. Ask these questions and write down a few of your thoughts:

  • What is happening in this passage?
  • What is being repeated or emphasized in this passage?
  • What is God doing in this passage?
  • What do you learn about God’s character in this passage?
  • What do you see about man in this passage?
  • How do you think the author wants his audience to respond?

After reflecting on the passage, seek to apply the text to your own life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What wrong beliefs did I have about God and myself?
  • What truths do I need to believe?
  • What false beliefs must I turn from?
  • How do I need to repent based on God’s Word?
  • What decisions can I make today, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to
    apply this passage to my own life? (Try to make your application
    personal, specific, and attainable.)

Pray through the passage and the application, asking God to change your heart
and life based on the time you have spent with Him in His Word. Offer thanks
to God for His Word and for helping you to apply His truth in your own life.
You don’t have to choose between praying and reading Scripture—REAP readies
you to do both! After you read a passage, pray that passage for yourself and for those you love.