Who am I? As far back as I can recall I have loved people. As a young man in Baltimore I connected with many ethnicities through my Catholic School that was equally Asian, African American and European. My teen years in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood could have provided fluent Hebrew if I had known that connecting to Christ was in my future. My twenties were without focus until God providentially used the birth of my first son, Meric, to challenge me to think; “What’s the purpose of life?” Who would believe that while thinking such a thought I would cross the path of a street evangelist who shared John 3:16 with me from his bible? At that moment, I accepted Christ and I enrolled in Washington Bible College within 1 year of my conversion. Through God’s grace and much perseverance I completed both a Bachelors and a Masters in Christian Ministry and Leadership while working full time.

Pastor Martin Bennett Jr.

I met my wife Demetra while leading a Christian Single’s Ministry in Baltimore. Our family grew to include my second son Luke and our daughter Rachel. During the first five years of marriage, we lived in four states (Maryland, suburban New Jersey, Northern Virginia, and Dallas, Texas), where we made deep connections through ministry. In hindsight we’ve seen how God was shaping us to minister in various environments throughout the country. In addition I’ve been blessed to participate in 13 mission trips both nationally and internationally.If you haven’t picked it up, “We connect with ALL people!” Additionally, I am passionate about preaching, disciple making, leadership development and discovering what can be from what currently exists. My acknowledged gifts are teaching, leadership and exhortation. One of my confirmed strengths is to teach from the Old and New Testament in creative ways and I absolutely love it when someone “gets it” and understands and responds positively to God through His Word.

My philosophy of ministry has developed from over 20 years experience as a church member, volunteer leader, para-church trainer, Youth Pastor, Family Pastor, Assistant Pastor, and Director of Relational Ministries. I’ve expanded my leadership influence over the short time in which God has used me to help extend His Kingdom. I am excited about the opportunity to join God in His work now in growing our multicultural church in Northern Anne Arundel County MD.

God has called us to lead Life Connection Church to Connect MANY to Christ, Community and Calling. The concept expressed in the Greek word Zoë is, “the life God always intended for man to experience.” We’d love to have you join us in this great adventure of sharing God’s Zoë Life; this is something that only God can fulfill.