KellysHouse_AdrianaGracePhilJosh_30x259SafeHaven Village is a “Family Style” orphan care ministry operating under the leadership and support of Hope of Life International in Zacapa, Guatemala. Begun in 2014 by American missionaries from Virginia, SafeHaven is currently home to more than 35 Guatemalan children who now have an opportunity to be loved, nurtured, encouraged, and taught life’s important lessons by parents who have chosen to commit their lives to raising them in stability and faith.

At the heart of SafeHaven’s ministry is the desire that every child would experience the love and blessing of being part of a stable family. Three families serving at SafeHaven are American. These families sold their homes in the U.S., liquidated as much of their assets as they could, and committed to raising eight – ten orphans each, alongside their own children, in Guatemala. The only support these American missionary families receive is through the generous donations of supporters and mission teams serving at SafeHaven. You can find out more about the amazing people and the important ministry of SafeHaven Village by watching the short videos at, or by visiting their website at

You can find out more about Hope of Life International by visiting the website at